Just one week after Barack Obama is sworn in as president, The America’s Agenda Health Care Education Fund will launch a year-long series of 10 “Summit Conversations on American Health Care for the 21st Century” in 10 cities across America.

Each Summit Conversation will bring together 10 to 12 of America’s leaders in a high-profile discussion of their visions for the kind of modernized health care system America needs. The Summit Conversations series will engage more than 100 of America’s leaders, in all – leaders from business, labor, government, the health sector, and other diverse sectors who share an intense interest in solving America’s health care crisis.

In each Summit Conversation, Emmy Award-wining TV and radio commentator Bill Press will moderate an intensive 2 to 3 hour exploration of the extent of the emerging consensus, what its limits may be, and whether the ideas being advanced will meet the needs of 21st century Americans.

The roundtable-style Summit Conversations will be videotaped in high definition for TV broadcast. The Summit Conversations will be webcast.

This website features highlights from the discussions and will anchor online communications about the emerging consensus.

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