Momentum toward national health care reform is accelerating. This time, the stakes are higher than ever before.

Yet our country’s ability to solve its health care crisis depends to no small extent on whether our political and private sector leaders can articulate a shared vision of the kind of health care system that will meet the needs of the 21st century Americans.

There are indications that the elements of a shared vision are finally emerging. During the course of our health care reform work in Maine, Vermont, West Virginia and other states, America’s Agenda has observed mounting evidence that a consensus is finally emerging among leaders in diverse sectors about key elements of a modernized health care system. Our observations are reinforced by evidence from other sources that realignment is underway among former health reform adversaries in the direction of a shared vision for a 21st century American health care system.

The emergence of such a consensus would be of historic significance. It would utterly transform prospects for effective health care reform that have been deadlocked over more than a half century.

If that kind of consensus on reform of America’s health system is truly emerging, as indicators suggest, the American people and our elected leaders need to know about it.

That’s why America’s Agenda is sponsoring the Summit Conversations on American Health Care for the 21st Century.

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